“Thank you for supporting me and La Casa

Del Zorro in overcoming all our last minute deadlines!”


• E-Mail Messaging / Comment Surveys

• E-Data Capture Programs
• Key Packets / Check-in Maps

Restaurant / Banquet Menus
Signs / Posters / Point of Purchase Displays
• Web Banner Ads & Animated Video Gifs

Brochures / Rack Cards

Sales / Promo Fliers

Meeting / Sales Kits

• Print Ads

P. SAMPSON - La Casa Del Zorro Resort & Spa

restaurant / banquet menus - hotel graphics


We Create Marketing Tools for the Hospitality Industry.

First impressions are important or so they say.  So impress your restaurant guests or banquet engagers with clear, easy to read, and colorful ‘fare de cuisine’ you are proud of.  Hotel Graphics will work with you to plan, design and produce a stimulating menu concept...and then make it happen.  We’ll send you the production art for your printer, or we can get it printed and ship it to you quickly.

“Remember, people eat with their eyes FIRST before they ever taste the food...

So make your menus appetizing!”