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sales & Promotional fliers - hotel graphics

We Create Marketing Tools for the Hospitality Industry.

If you’ve got a special offer to stimulate sales over a sagging time period (like the winter holidays), a food and beverage promotion for your restaurant or simply need a fact sheet that really sells your property’s features and benefits, call Hotel Graphics. For nearly 2 decades we’ve been creating some of the best 1, 2 and 4 color sales flyers, postcards and fact sheets for hotels, resorts and restaurants just like yours.  We’ll deliver that sales message to you fast so your team of sales professionals can get the word out in time and on budget.  

“Your inventory ‘SPOILS’ every 24 hours....So plan your campaigns ahead of time and

have them ready to implement before the ‘VACANCY’ light gets turned on.”

“Thank you for supporting me and La Casa

Del Zorro in overcoming all our last minute deadlines!”