“Thank you for supporting me and La Casa

Del Zorro in overcoming all our last minute deadlines!”

P. SAMPSON - La Casa Del Zorro Resort & Spa

We Create Marketing Tools for the Hospitality Industry.

A good hotel Sales Kit or Meeting Planners Kit is a necessary tool for the successful marketing of destination oriented and/or primarily meetings market properties.  Good design, comprehensive tightly-edited copy and clearly understandable plot plans, diagrams and space capacity charts are a must to effectively convey your message to the engager.  Hotel Graphics is more than experienced in creating such pieces..We know the business and the “hot buttons” of the meeting planner in today’s competitive market.  

“Many hotels have beautiful accommodations and service....but the planner must have confidence in
“The Box” to book their meeting group with you.”

sales collateral / POCKET FOLDERS / FLIERS / RACK CARDS - hotel graphics